Giant, free index to world’s research papers released online

“I am very confident that what I’m doing is legal. We are not doing this to provoke a lawsuit, we are doing it to advance science,” he says.

Nature contacted six publishers about the General Index for this article: all but one declined to comment. In a statement, Springer Nature said that the company supports open-research initiatives that use technology and algorithms to meet the needs of researchers. “We have seen some initiatives run into trouble, however, when the necessary rights have not been secured to enable their sustainability,” the statement added. (Springer Nature publishes this journal; Nature’s news team is editorially independent of its publisher.)

Another legal researcher, Arul George Scaria at Delhi’s National Law University, says that any publishers that tried to use copyright laws to prevent researchers from using the General Index “would eventually be disappointed”. The release of the index, Scaria says, is a “major development for the wealth of information it has unlocked from those 107 million journal articles”.
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