New Army Training Doc Outlines Ways To Give Soldiers Superhuman-Like Sensory Perception

The U.S. Army has published a new training circular that contains a section on how soldiers can train their senses to new levels of awareness, enabling them to almost unconsciously perceive small details about their surroundings in a near-superhuman manner. Other sections of the circular describe how cultural anthropology, the study of world religions, and even Gestalt psychology, can be leveraged in U.S. Army training in order to make soldiers into what some might call “warrior monks” with near-preternatural deductive reasoning ability. 

While many will scoff at some of the loftier ideas in the training circular, the document cites numerous case studies of soldiers in the field in which a greater sense of situational awareness could have saved lives. The Army is already offering training courses in this new type of Advanced Situational Awareness (ASA) at Fort Benning in Georgia, which is home to the service’s Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE). MCoE oversees the Army’s Infantry and Armor Schools, among other responsibilities.  
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