Dove’s Raw VS Edited Selfies Illustrate How Damaging Beautifying Filters Can Be –

There are countless editing apps out there that promise to make users look “better” in a few taps. While these offer instant gratification, they’ll erode into self-esteem as people begin to take fabrication as truth and develop unrealistic assumptions about beauty.

Taking even greater steps into fixing perceptions of beauty, Dove is revealing the before and after of selfies that have undergone edits from retouching apps. It disparages them as tools for the “blurring” of confidence, bringing “insecurities at the touch of a button,” and creating “instant” windows for “lasting damage” when perpetuated on social media.

The visuals, which were created by advertising firm Ogilvy and accompany a 60-second Reverse Selfie film, spotlight the damaging and unattainable beauty ideals imposed on young women and girls when the use of face-editing apps gets deemed a prerequisite for the ’Gram.

The hope is to “reverse the damage social media has done to young women and girls’ self-esteem,” Ogilvy shares in a post, and to “start a movement, re-build confidence, and show that self-love is better than any Like.”
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