What Separates Humans From Other Animals? – No Stupid Questions – Omny.fm

Also: why do people pace while talking on the phone?
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Animal rights groups call for end to greyhound racing as Govt announces review |New Zealand

The time has come, they say.
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Can animals think and feel in the way humans do? | Comment | The Times

Can animals think and feel in the way humans do?
From crows to dolphins, there is evidence that many creatures are capable of complex behaviour that should force us to rethink the way we see ourselves as a species apart, says Tom Whipple
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Activists applaud government promise to shift away from animal toxicity testing – RCI | English

Animal rights activists are applauding a proposed overhaul of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, or CEPA, that includes a promise to shift away from toxicity tests on animals as well as increase government support for developing alternatives to animal testing.
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What exactly do we want animals to be?

We like other species to show that their lives are more than just about eating and reproduction
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