Opinion | What Does It Mean for a Whole Nation to Become Uninhabitable? – The New York Times

“It’s changing quite rapidly,” says a hunter in Canada. “And I’m not old at all. I’m 31.”
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The Government of Canada Invests $121.3 Million over Three Years to Support Post-Secondary Minority-Language Education

The Government of Canada has a responsibility to ensure that all Canadians can learn in the official language of their choice. To achieve this, the education continuum, from preschool to post-secondary, plays an essential role. Supporting and encouraging official-language minority education and second official-language instruction is a government priority, as this learning fosters bilingualism and brings us together.
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Ep. 59 – The Family That Owns New Brunswick – CANADALAND – Omny.fm

A repost of one of the most popular Canadaland episodes ever, from way back in 2014. 

The Irvings are secretive billionaires who have a monopoly on New Brunswick’s news media. Journalist Jacques Poitras, author of Irving vs Irving, describes how the family subtly suppresses criticism and destroys competitors.
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Experts divided on whether Quebec can change Constitution to claim nationhood | National Post

Trudeau said Tuesday that his government shares Quebec’s views on both nationhood and the protection of the French language
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2020 Massey Lectures: Renowned tech expert Ronald J. Deibert to explore disturbing impact of social media | CBC Radio

Citizen Lab director Ronald J. Deibert will deliver this year’s Massey Lectures, arguing that the internet, especially social media, has an increasingly toxic influence in every aspect of life.
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Rallies for Eishia Hudson held across the country call for change

Rallies here held across the country Thursday in memory of 16-year old Eishia Hudson who was killed by Winnipeg police in April 2020.
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