Understanding the changing rules of deacessioning: What is the Met up to and why does it matter? – The Washington Post

American art museums wrestle with whether to take advantage of looser rules for deaccessioning.
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Homeschooling Doubled During The Pandemic, U.S. Census Survey Finds : NPR

Precise numbers are hard to come by, but several factors — including school closures and parents working from home — appear to have led to an increase in households that are homeschooling.
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Expect College Wait Lists to Be Obnoxiously Long This Year

With students applying to more schools, admissions officers struggle to predict who will actually accept their offers.

Many college admissions officers are stumped this spring over how many applicants to admit.

Their mathematical models to predict which admitted students might accept their offers and enroll as freshmen are proving useless because the coronavirus pandemic threw most traditional elements of the admissions process—campus visits, standardized tests, essays about busy extracurricular schedules—into disarray.