60. Cassandra Quave Thinks the Way Antibiotics Are Developed Might Kill Us | People I (Mostly) Admire

By mid-century, 10 million people a year are projected to die from untreatable infections. Can Cassandra, an ethnobotanist at Emory University convince Steve that herbs and ancient healing are key to our medical future?

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U.S. Health Care Spending Highest Among Developed Countries | Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

The United States, on a per capita basis, spends much more on health care than other developed countries; the chief reason is not greater health care utilization, but higher prices, according to a study from a team led by a JHSPH researcher.
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Reducing sodium and increasing potassium may lower risk of cardiovascular disease | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Large-scale study of more than 10,000 adults with accurate sodium measurements from individuals strengthens link between sodium intake and cardiovascular disease
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Cadmium in chocolate: A “deep rooted” problem for consumers and producers alike | 2020-11-09 | Food Engineering

We all know that too much cadmium (Cd) in our bodies is just as dangerous as lead. Both are heavy metals, and while specific limits have been put on lead exposure (both in the air and orally), cadmium isn’t quite as well documented—at least in the U.S. The EPA places maximum allowable levels of cadmium in our drinking water as 5 parts per billion (ppb) with a goal of 0 ppb, but FDA has not set limits on safe levels of cadmium in food except . . .
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Follow a natural health philosophy? Vaccination may have more in common with it than you think

Vaccination prepares the body’s immune system in the same way “natural” exposure to infection does. It just does it in a safer, controlled way with a much lower dose.
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American Economic Association

Medicaid provides health insurance for millions of America’s most vulnerable people. In 2015, it covered 40 percent of all children at a cost of roughly $90 billion. Some have worried that this price tag is too high. 

But in a paper in the American Economic Review, author Andrew Goodman-Baconasserts that Medicaid coverage for children has more than paid for itself in the long run.

Goodman-Bacon found that Medicaid eligibility in early childhood reduced mortality and disability and increased employment up to 50 years later. As a result, young children in the 1960s and 1970s, who grew up with Medicaid, became healthier adults who paid more work-related taxes and relied less on welfare. 

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Mask adherence and rate of COVID-19 across the United States

Our analysis suggests high adherence to mask wearing could be a key factor in reducing the spread of COVID-19. This association between high mask adherence and reduced COVID-19 rates should influence policy makers and public health officials to focus on ways to improve mask adherence across the population in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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Coronavirus variant P.1 is twice as transmissible as earlier strains | Science News

Coronavirus variant P.1 is twice as transmissible as earlier strains | Science News
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Top Chinese official admits vaccines have low effectiveness

BEIJING (AP) — China’s top disease control official, in a rare acknowledgement, said current vaccines offer low protection against the coronavirus and mixing them is among strategies being…
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