Follow Your Heart “Rewrites the Rulebook” with Trio of Vegan Cheese Launches   – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

US vegan heritage brand Follow Your Heart releases three more cheeses to plant-based range, including blue cheese, cheddar and mozzarella.
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‘We will launch… new dairy-like technology’: Danone eyes ‘plant-based 2.0’

As Danone continues to expand its high-growth plant-based beverage business, the company intends to broaden the fixture’s appeal to the majority of consumers ‘not in the category’ through the development of new technologies that deliver ‘dairy-like’ drinks.
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The 2021 Met Gala Is Going Plant-Based—Here’s Why | Bon Appétit

Yes, people eat at the Met Gala. And for the first-time ever, the food will be chef-curated and 100% plant-based.
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Vegan Egg Brand Eat Just Investor Says $3 Billion IPO Coming Soon

Eat Just, maker of plant-based JUST Egg and the company behind GOOD Meat, could be shooting for a US$3 billion IPO as early as this year.
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New vegan chicken tenders called ‘almost identical’ to real thing — Quartz

Making plant-based chicken taste and feel authentic was a bigger challenge that replicating ground beef for Beyond Meat. Apparently, its scientists have learned from past mistakes.
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BBC Radio 4 – BBC Inside Science, Human use of plants beyond the limits of history.

Human impact on planet earth’s plant life might be detectable several thousand years back in fossil pollen cores taken from mud columns around the world. As Suzette Flantua and Ondrej Mottl describe in a paper published in the journal Science, a rapid acceleration in the changes in pollen species goes back further than we might have expected. This matters particularly when it comes to decisions around re-wilding and re-planting areas today in the name of conservation. As they hope to build on in future work, learning more about the state of ecosystems further back into the past might prevent us making the mistake of simply recreating different types of post-agricultural situations which might not solve the problem we are trying to fix.

One of the biggest impacts on the earth’s flora today is of course influenced by our meat consumption. The BBC’s Melanie Abbott has been to see a new exhibition opening at Oxford University’s Musuem of Natural History. Produced in association with the University’s Livestock, Environment and People research programme, this exhibition “Meat the Future”, seeks to raise awareness of the issues for health and the environment around eating – or not eating meat – and is open until January 2022.

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PepsiCo is making ‘a much bigger play’ for sales in the burgeoning plant-based market | Food Dive

The CPG giant has made several acquisitions and introduced new products in an effort to scale quickly and build what it hopes will become household names in the category.
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Everything You Need To Know About Blue Java Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Apart from the regular yellow banana and the raw green banana, chances are you have come across the red banana. But have you ever seen a blue banana? No, right? Well, you might find this bizarre, but a blue banana actually exists and it apparently tastes like vanilla ice cream!

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Taiwan goes bananas over its favorite fresh fruit | Taiwan News | 2021/04/16

GO BANANAS is hosted by the Taiwan Banana Research Institute (TBRI) in collaboration with Taiwan Sugar Corporation, NAN ART, and the Cultural & Creativity Development Foundation. Founded in 1970 and based in Jiuru Township, Pingtung County, the TBRI is dedicated to promoting Taiwan’s banana industry.

The TBRI is known for developing six disease-resistant varieties. It has helped numerous local farmers mass-produce disease-resistant banana trees.

Taiwan’s world-leading banana expertise has led to many collaborations with other countries, such as Australia. Once called the “pride of Taiwan,” the nation’s bananas were world-famous during the golden era of the banana industry in the 1960s and ’70s.
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