60. Cassandra Quave Thinks the Way Antibiotics Are Developed Might Kill Us | People I (Mostly) Admire

By mid-century, 10 million people a year are projected to die from untreatable infections. Can Cassandra, an ethnobotanist at Emory University convince Steve that herbs and ancient healing are key to our medical future?

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The Best and Worst Vegan Pre-Packaged Foods and What to Buy | The Beet

When you’re buying vegan or plant-based packaged foods, reading the label tells you everything you need to know about whether it’s a healthy choice.
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EXCLUSIVE Guinea rail builders blast in chimp habitat, no plan to protect apes | Reuters

A Chinese-backed consortium building infrastructure for a massive iron ore mine in Guinea started blasting a railway tunnel in a habitat for a critically endangered chimpanzee species with no plan in place to manage the impact on the animals, company and government statements and satellite imagery show.
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New vegan chicken tenders called ‘almost identical’ to real thing — Quartz

Making plant-based chicken taste and feel authentic was a bigger challenge that replicating ground beef for Beyond Meat. Apparently, its scientists have learned from past mistakes.
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Plant-Based Foods Here to Stay

/PRNewswire/ — Plant-based foods are proving they are re not just a passing vegan fancy. Whether its bean-based burgers or veggie pizzas, the plant-based food…
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