UN Committee Finds Violation of Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Traditional Lands | ASIL

The community complained that the process killed their animals and plants, and had an adverse impact on the environment. The Committee found that Paraguay failed to prevent contamination in violation of the their right to traditional lands, and recommended that Paraguay complete the relevant criminal and administrative proceedings. This decision affirms that the term “home” in the context of the indigenous community should be interpreted “within the context of the special relationship between them and their territories including their livestock, crops and their way of life such as hunting, foraging and fishing.”
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This Is Your Brain on Pollution – Freakonomics Radio – Omny.fm

Air pollution is estimated to cause 7 million deaths a year and cost the global economy nearly $3 trillion. But is the true cost even higher? Stephen Dubner explores the links between pollution and cognitive function, and enlists two fellow Freakonomics Radio Network hosts in a homegrown experiment.
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Single-use plastics dominate debris on the North Pacific’s deep ocean floor – The Academic Times

By doing video surveillance deep in the ocean, researchers working in the North Pacific have discovered the densest accumulation of plastic waste ever recorded on an abyssal seafloor, finding that the majority of this waste is single-use packaging.
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‘Forever chemicals,’ other pollutants found around the summit of Everest – The Washington Post

Researchers find toxic elements smudging the world’s tallest peak in ways unseen and previously unstudied.
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