Of Monsters and Men Share Slow-Burning New Song “Destroyer” – mxdwn Music

Islandic folk band, Of Monsters and Men released their latest song, “Destroyer”, both to stream and as lyric video via YouTube. The video captures a mammoth of a statue, it’s intriguing as you don’t know what the architecture is (or whether it’s a statue). It’s subtle hints reminisce of the former Soviet bloc
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Russia Has a Massive Amount of Tactical Nuclear Weapons. Why? | The National Interest

Russia’s non-strategic nukes are premised on U.S. conventional military superiority.
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Opinion | Putin again threatens war with Ukraine. The West must be ready to respond. – The Washington Post

The recent diplomatic flurry may not deter the Russian president.
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The Day Soviet Aircraft Attacked American Pilots | At the Smithsonian | Smithsonian Magazine

Seventy years ago, the Korean War changed the day American pilots had to face the Soviet’s MiG-15; one is held by the National Air and Space Museum
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Possessions of designer Korolev handed over to Kazan Museum of Soviet Life — RealnoeVremya.com

Possessions of designer Sergey Korolev handed over to Kazan Museum of Soviet Life
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The long-lost Lord of the Rings adaptation from Soviet Russia is a glorious fever dream – The Verge

A 1991 adaptation of The Lord of The Rings made in the Soviet Union has been rescued from the archives and uploaded to YouTube. It’s a magnificent thing, full of bad special effects and Soviet mood music. Here are some of the best parts.
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