New project obsession: Digital Imaging Spectroscopy.

I started out wanting to properly assess color in artefacts (potsherds), ok, so I didn’t know if I need to know the light that is hitting them/affecting what they look like, what do I need to know; so I say “hm, can I measure the reflectance?”, “seems like not only my eyes are subjective, but also my words for and understanding of colour”;  “can I automate/digitize the looking part?” what does that mean?  

Munsell colour charts are the standard in this; they even have a book for archaeologists and those who deal with soils.  They are pretty expensive (understatement).  The vagaries of displays likely make the possibility of digital-edition matching (Mcolormeter[mac], and [iOS] seem closest to realizing this possibility for now, haven’t jumped in and tried them, I wish there were a free version to see how the ios cameras are with white balances) .  So, what about optical white balance correction and digital imaging.

Smash-cut.  Next Time:

Public Labs has awakened a keen interest in DIY spectroscopy.