Japan signals a ‘sense of crisis’ over Taiwan — this is why it is worried about China’s military aims

Japan is showing increased support for Taiwan in the face of relentless pressure from China. Here’s why Taiwan matters so much to Tokyo and what it’s prepared to do about it.
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The Road Ahead for Taiwan-US Relations – The Diplomat

Increased U.S. support has raised hopes in Taiwan – and some of those expectations may be difficult for Washington to meet.
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How To Lose A War Over Taiwan—Get Hacked, Panic

When Ian Sullivan fights a war over Taiwan on the side of the Taiwanese and their allies, he loses big. But the severity of his defeat belies just how close the fighting is until the very end.

The decisive battle isn’t on the ground or the sea or in the air, according to Sullivan. It’s online. Chinese hackers delay American reinforcements just long enough for Beijing’s troops to flatten Taipei.

Sullivan’s war isn’t real, of course. It’s a simulation based on Next War: Taiwan, a tabletop war game from GMT Games.

But as a simulation, it’s a surprising one. Despite decades of intensive modernization, a bold—some might say “reckless”—brute-force strategy and a firepower advantage in key phases of the fighting, China loses many of the most important pitched battles.

China ultimately wins the war not because it dominates the battlefield, but because it manages to delay U.S. reinforcements—oh, and it’s willing to wreck Taipei, kill countless civilians and target Taiwanese politicians.
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Taiwan is the new West Berlin in the cold war of ideas | TheArticle

As President Xi has warned, “anyone who attempts to split any region from China will perish, with their bodies smashed and bones ground to powder”. Britain and its allies must be equally resolute. Taiwan must not be allowed to fall to the CCP and its destructive Marxist-Leninism.

Like West Berlin during the Cold War, Taiwan is not just a fount of conflict: it’s a well of hope and optimism that there is a better path. And it’s not the only place where Britain should lend a hand.
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Amid drought, Taiwan plans more water curbs for chip hub Hsinchu | 1330 & 101.5 WHBL

TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwan will step up water usage curbs from June 1 for the major chip making hub of Hsinchu in a battle on islandwide drought, should there be no significant rain by month-end, the government said on Wednesday.
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Crypto Rebels | WIRED

It’s the FBIs, NSAs, and Equifaxes of the world versus a swelling movement of Cypherpunks, civil libertarians, and millionaire hackers. At stake: Whether privacy will exist in the 21st century.
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Biden Delegation Pledges US Support for Taiwan Self-Defense – The Diplomat

An unofficial delegation led by former Senator Chris Dodd completed a three-day visit to Taiwan in a show of support from the Biden administration.
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Taiwan goes bananas over its favorite fresh fruit | Taiwan News | 2021/04/16

GO BANANAS is hosted by the Taiwan Banana Research Institute (TBRI) in collaboration with Taiwan Sugar Corporation, NAN ART, and the Cultural & Creativity Development Foundation. Founded in 1970 and based in Jiuru Township, Pingtung County, the TBRI is dedicated to promoting Taiwan’s banana industry.

The TBRI is known for developing six disease-resistant varieties. It has helped numerous local farmers mass-produce disease-resistant banana trees.

Taiwan’s world-leading banana expertise has led to many collaborations with other countries, such as Australia. Once called the “pride of Taiwan,” the nation’s bananas were world-famous during the golden era of the banana industry in the 1960s and ’70s.
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