60. Cassandra Quave Thinks the Way Antibiotics Are Developed Might Kill Us | People I (Mostly) Admire

By mid-century, 10 million people a year are projected to die from untreatable infections. Can Cassandra, an ethnobotanist at Emory University convince Steve that herbs and ancient healing are key to our medical future?

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Why the U.N.’s Biodiversity Conference Is So Important – The New York Times

Countries are gathering in an effort to stop a biodiversity collapse that scientists say could equal climate change as an existential crisis.
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Turkey Is Next as Wildfires Afflict Mediterranean Countries – The New York Times

The Turkish authorities said they were investigating the causes of fires that killed at least four people and threatened popular tourist destinations.
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Amid drought, Taiwan plans more water curbs for chip hub Hsinchu | 1330 & 101.5 WHBL

TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwan will step up water usage curbs from June 1 for the major chip making hub of Hsinchu in a battle on islandwide drought, should there be no significant rain by month-end, the government said on Wednesday.
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Google Earth Unveils Stunning, Colossal Time-Lapse View Of The Entire Planet – DesignTAXI.com

Google Earth’s new time-lapse feature was created using millions of satellite images from 1984 to 2020.
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Scientists rediscover lost coffee species suited to a warmer climate

In dense tropical forests in Sierra Leone, scientists have rediscovered a coffee species not seen in the wild in decades — a plant they say may help secure the future of this valuable commodity that has been imperilled by climate change.

The researchers said on Monday that the species, Coffea stenophylla, possesses greater tolerance for higher temperatures than the Arabica coffee, which makes up 56 per cent of global production, and the robusta coffee that makes up 43 per cent. The researchers found stenophylla coffee also had a superior flavour, similar to Arabica.

Scientists rediscover lost coffee species suited to a warmer climate
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Crypto Rebels | WIRED

It’s the FBIs, NSAs, and Equifaxes of the world versus a swelling movement of Cypherpunks, civil libertarians, and millionaire hackers. At stake: Whether privacy will exist in the 21st century.
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A New Threat to New York’s Clean Energy Goals: Bitcoin Mining – New York Focus

A Finger Lakes power plant plans to ramp up Bitcoin mining. Environmentalists warn dozens of fossil-fueled plants could follow.
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Everything You Need To Know About Blue Java Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Apart from the regular yellow banana and the raw green banana, chances are you have come across the red banana. But have you ever seen a blue banana? No, right? Well, you might find this bizarre, but a blue banana actually exists and it apparently tastes like vanilla ice cream!

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Only 3 percent of Earth’s land hasn’t been marred by humans | Science News

Only 3 percent of Earth’s land hasn’t been marred by humans | Science News
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